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Well , I thought it would be better to share some of my favorite tweets with you all . I just loved them , and I hope you guys will find i interesting . . .

NB : They are tweets by others , not by me . I believe they aren’t copyrighted :)

it’s hard not to get caught up in styled prettiness. instead, let’s show the world how beautiful real moments are.

“The easiest thing to do in the World is to neglect the important and give in to the urgent.” ~ Denis Waitley

“having a rough morning? place your hand over your heart. Feel that? that’s called purpose. you’re alive for a reason. don’t give up.”

“Not what we have But what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.”~Epicurus

Live simply is just a euphemism for rejecting mind-numbing, money-sucking, soul-draining, earth-destroying consumerism

Less isn’t a sacrifice , it’s a beautiful way to live

Minimalism is lightening your load so you can soar, & land lightly if you should falter.

Even with your silence, you are participating; sometimes even more deeply.

Eat slowly. Forgive quickly. Smile honestly. Hug tightly.

We can’t keep looking backwards, have to live for now, not then.

“To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.” – Joseph Chilton Pearce

“Live deep instead of fast.” –Henry Canby

Follow your heart and you won’t get lost.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney

I was not born into a future I have no control over.

“The day always looks brighter from behind a smile.” ~Unknown

We can’t survive by needing more, wanting more, standing out, grabbing all we can.

Thanks for reading guys . . . I’m lucky to follow few great people with huge wisdom and great tweets on twitter  . They inspire me , teach me and encourage me . . . Love you all . . .

Happy holidays guys . . .


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On festive mood . . .

Well it’s been quite few days since I’ve checked net , and I missed it a bit . I actually dont know what all to write in here . My life here is getting better , but still.  There are few moments I miss out here , and mainly my best friends . The classes are quite fast , and we are having series exams next week . But we all are in a festive mood , and we all are planning of our holidays , and not for the exams .

Our vacation is for 10 days ( or 9 I think) , but there’s 2 assignments , and 1 long chemistry work & civil record to be completed on these days . I don’t know why these teacher’s give loads of work during vacations , already our usual school days are messed up with class works , and they wont allow us to rest even in vacations :(  So sad . . .

The good news is that our old school is conducting an alumni meet and I am looking forward to meeting my old guys there , and all .I’d be back at my village and hanging out with friends there , playing soccer and yeah forget all class works :) . One thing I really miss here is the winter snow . It would be really awesome to have a snowy Xmas , I’d love snowboarding , ( eventhough I dont know how to , we cant learn it here :( ) And Wish you all guys a happy Xmas in advance .

What do you guys plan for your holidays this time ?

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More sites , more reading . . .

More than 3 months since the college life , I’ve adjusted much with the ambiance here – new friends , new teachers and so on . . . And the best thing- I can access net in the evening (I couldn’t do that while I was at home because ours is a 1 GB plan . Quite less these days :) ) And I don’t have much works with the net here too . But that’s a plus here for sure .

And I just found a new blog – the positivity blog , by Henrik  Edberg , a well written one . The theme is awesome – its regarding productivity and happiness . its address is http://www.positivityblog.com/ . Anyways the writings there also influence me now ,  I don’t know where am I going  to , But I believe these blog reading will be helpful for me . Well that’s the thing . my new finding from here . A new awesome cool sight . Also I found another site regarding body language , and the site is awesome too – www.bodylanguagesignals.com

And evernote helps me a great to sync it all while I am at home , so that I dont miss the stuffs at SSET .(that tool is really great : http://www.evernote.com ) I clip them , paste them and I love reading them , while I am at home . . . Anyways I know this article seems much like an advertisement , but I said my writing wont be first class , I was writing about few things I do here :)


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Seeking new . . .

The days are getting better, but still I am not completely Okay with my life here . . . But surely , I do feel better , Probably coz I’m used to the heavy works and stuffs here. I have focused my attention on reading body language of others ( and mine, too) The campus provides excellent ambiance for watching people , especially at the intervals , I use to watch them out simply and find what all can I decode . The times here are great , spent with hostel friends and class friends , and I am more happy today because I will go back home tomorrow ( for 2 days only , but I’ve been at hostel for 3 weeks continuously and I’ve been waiting long to go back home) . And coming back to my hobbies part ,in body language reading I am pure beginner and I just can’t decipher every movements and gestures ( actually its just level one) .But I hope the skill will develop with practice and patience ( the 2nd one is tough :( ). I am trying to find out free e-books on reading body language .Do you guys know any ? Please comment if you have any suggestions . . .