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Why I blog . . .

Maybe you’ll be thinking  “Who’s this guy whom in all writing urge to forget possessions , live simpler , rambling on and on” . May be you’ll be thinking I am a human with no feelings of ego , anger , completely free self etc (or perhaps not ) .Whatever it may be , I thought of answering this question of “why  this guy keeps on writing “.

First of all , let me tell you , I’m not much different from you guys . May be I tell of loving all , maybe I tell of letting go , yet sometimes I get distracted from them . At times I do feel insecure just like you . I’m just a teenager , and I have many bad habits like you do . [Surely I ain’t gonna blabber it here ;) ]

Okay whatever it is , Let me tell you why I write . What my words express , is what I wish to be . What I want to be. How I dream my life to be . That’s it . And Writing these out , publicly , with your comments and likes has been tremendously inspiring me to change . Along with my change , I wish my writings inspire you to change too , if you feel what I say is right . That’s why I write & keep on writing . And I believe writing these articles is the only creative thing I do online , besides reading . . .

And This article by Joshua Becker regarding blogging ( here : http://bit.ly/i9F41W ) has inspired me a lot to write .

If you have any thoughts or comments , share and let me know .

Thanks for reading :)


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Be yourself . . .

Don't be what people want you to be. Be yourse...

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Okay , If you follow me on twitter , you’d be used to this statement because I tweet it so often ;) . Okay whatever it may be , This is something we all refuse to do sometimes . I used to do that at times . . . But when we grow up , we begin to realize things ,don’t we ?

Okay Think of this , how many times have you admitted if you don’t know something ? How many excuses have you ‘invented’ to escape from something you are afraid of ? Okay and how many times you get an urge to stand out when your crush is nearby ?

This all points to one thing . We just wants to be some one else . I used to do the same . But now , I feel like it was utter foolishness to do .

Even if you gained anything by pretending to be someone else , can you claim it ? If you attract many people by hiding the real you , do you think they will remain forever ? Surely the answer is no.

Okay , I once updated my facebook status as ” If you guys want any change in me, what would be it? ” . Among many funny replies , one of my friends  commented –

“Just be yourself, the person you were born to be. Live your passion and inspire the world.”

It really got me hooked . It was really inspiring and got me thinking. She has a point there , right ? I realized that we don’t have to pretend to something we are not . We are not born to do that .So I decided to keep out of pretenses , let the world love me or loathe me for that , but just be myself . And I’d like to ask you to do the same . . . Just be yourself . Don’t stop expressing yourself , you’re unique , you’re born wonderful and you are born for a reason only you are capable to do. After all ,

“Remember that you are unique. If that is not fulfilled, then something wonderful has been lost.” – Martha Graham

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Change is the rule of nature. Change is the key to everything. Change is the fuel to all phenomenon. Change is what keeps us alive. Change.

Yes, and now the blog is also undergoing a change. A change for the better, I’m sure. New domain, new name, new ways, and of course much newer posts, as always.

Change has been what humans have wondered over all the years. How does day and night occur, how does the sun move from east to west, how does seasons change, how do winds blow, how do tides wash ashore, how? All these questions have led man to unveiling beautiful and marvelous ways in which nature likes to shift herself and her belongings as we move through time. And Science has gone so far observing and making calculations according to the observed phenomena, which are, of course, changes. The universe is transient. So are we. We just have to make sure that the shift is not negative. Everyone among us is capable of changing the world. It is up to us to find out how we do it.

Have a nice day. :)

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You might think from the title that I’m gonna blabber about the value of relations here, but fortunately I’m not. I say ‘fortunately’, because it is one of the subjects that arouse little interest in me. But this article is going to be about relations between various, apparently unrelated things.

Let’s start at a way of life. Zen, as many of us (apart from those with an ignorant, why-should-I-give-a-damn mindset) know, is simply a way of life. It is not strictly a religion, nor just a set of books which say things that not even an 8-year old in the right state of his mind can believe. As we try to understand it and gradually delve deep into the subject, we find a lot of related subjects. This is not just about Zen. If you go deep enough into anything, you find that complete understanding of it requires fundamental knowledge of something else. Take, for example, Wikipedia. Go to a Random article. You will probably see links in the text of the article (unless it is a rare dead-end page) which will lead you into another article and then another. Coming back to our topic, this means that, as we learn more about Zen, we learn about, among various others, things like Minimalism, The Hacker Culture, and this can go farther to things like GIMP and FreeType. See where we went to starting from Zen?

Those things were just said to emphasize the fact that only if you go real and learn more about things that you find their real meanings and other things that may have been entwined with them from long ago. And it is only if you understand the real meanings and learn the related aspects that you can explain them to someone else, or write your views on the subject.

Shortline is never let your thirst for knowledge quench. Only when you learn more can you understand the true beauty of the infinite beyond that is still left to learn.

NB: This post is written and published by Hari.

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Love life . . .

More than a year has passed since I’ve started the habit of reading blogs . There were amazing articles , writers & I got few wonderful friends since then . My reading was basically revolving around lifestyle blogs, and a beautiful summation of what I learned from them is- ” love, share, sustain & enjoy .

Love – Not only ur girlfriend or boyfriend , but everyone and everything . love your parents , love your friends , love the strangers . Be calm , composed when you talk . Radiate that positive emotions when you talk and stand.

..”Never ask for more if you only give less,..coz love is more than asking,..it is also giving”..

 Fall in love with the nature . Enjoy outdoor strolls , Sit on a river bank , walk in the rain maybe :) ,walk barefoot through the grass , watch the sunset . . . the list is endless .

Share – If you have plenty , share the resources . Don’t waste them , give them to those in need . . .

Sustain – I love this lines –

…”Walk , as if your feet is kissing the earth”… 

Leave less impression on earth , more impression on the minds :) . The medias are deciding how we should live – what we should consume – and we , trying to fuel others’ envy by buying whatever we don’t need. Think of it ,and realize. Buy what you need , use what you need , and remember the 3 Rs – Reduce , Reuse and Recycle .

Enjoy – After all , don’t let your life be monotonous . But I bet you don’t need to spend your dad’s money on a five-star hotel drinking , or buying out every latest tech gadget to ENJOY life. Maybe you can define your own happiness. I enjoy an evening stroll alone as much as I love an evening with friends.  Slow down a bit , enjoy without hurting our mother nature much , and soon you’ll learn how to be contempt :)

Thanks for reading friends :) If you have any thoughts or questions , please share in the comments . . .



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“Why to take all these abuses and pretend being happy and you want to make us believe this is Life, I defy your idea of Life then.” – @DancOfLight on twitter