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Let me warn you at the starting itself – I’m writing a question that haunts me , related to the universe . So if you’re not interested in philosophy , maybe you won’t get to like it .

Anyway let’s take a journey back through time . . .

We become younger and younger . . . we’re the small child who walk the corridors with 4 limbs .

back through time . we were inside our mother . . . and before that our life was with your father and mother . . .

again we go back . . . past generations .

we were there , inside them all . . .

If Darvin’s theory of evolution is right , then we go back through primates , back to mammals , and when we go back a lot more years , we were inside the first life…

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Loving everything

Love is beyond words. Beyond expression. Beyond definition. It is independent of everything. Yet everything else depends on it. Love is the greatest of all forces. Love drives everything. From the tiny hummingbirds who search for food for their newborns to the massive elephants who feed their young before feeding themselves, love is the same. It is the only entity that stays the same on all levels. Irrespective of location, size, conditions, anything. It is the only thing that ever will.

The point of the whole world, all the time, was for everyone to love everyone else. No matter whether it’s the caterpillar or the blue whale, man or woman, child or grownup, life is all the same. Life is love. Learning to see the presence of a higher force, what some people call God, what others call by different names, and hence to treat everyone and everything as equal before yourself, is the ultimate need.

If everyone did that, the world would be an infinitely better place today, tomorrow, forever.

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On the pursuit of happiness…

We usually do it . Searching for bigger and bigger joys , we miss what we have .

The society and the ads have defined new cultures to be better – the flat stomach , the posh homes ( which’s got more rooms than it’s inhabitants ) , the shining new sedan , The latest android / apple device . . . you can guess the list .

It’s engraved in our blood – The unending desire for more and more . When we walked , we need a cycle , We buy a cycle , we want a bike , we buy a bike , we yearn for a car and so on . . .

And that same trait , leaves us unhappy , unfulfilled and depressed through out our lives .

Buying things never cures it . The voids in our lives cannot be filled by material possessions we buy .

Instead ,

Appreciate what you have now – the health we’ve . The  essential things we’ve . The love that surrounds us . The beauty of nature . The support we receive from our family and friends . And for god , who gave us a chance to live and enjoy this things . . .

There are things that money cannot buy – most of them matters more than the stuff we buy too.

But we don’t really need the material things much – A man’s worth is in his character . Enrich that .

When you’re happy with what you’ve , why ever would you feel down ?


“If you want to feel rich , Count the things you have that money can’t buy – Anonymous “


Keep smiling ! have a good day friends :)