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As a family , forever . . .

That was a week like I’ve had never spent before . I do have enjoyed before . I do have experienced ecstasy , I do have spent loving times with lovable ones . . .

But the past week , it all came to me together , at our NSS camp . . .

I never knew people can be this close . . . I seriously feel someone is there to hold my hands when I fall , and yeah I’d gladly give mine to anyone in my family , if they do fall. . .

I’ve made mistakes throughout , but I’ve learned . . .

I’ve met people whose eyes fills with tears of happiness , when I place a piece of food in their mouth . And look at us , we spend lavishly on useless things , yet we end up unhappy. . .

And yeah , there’s a feeling of being safe when you have people with whom you can be yourself – and I’ve been lucky to have a bunch of family – my brothers and sisters , just like that .

The sharing we did with smallest pieces of whatever we had . . .

I won’t need to thank you , because we are a family , and I know you feel exactly like I do . Just promise me that we won’t split . promise me we won’t let any of our family members down . just Promise me that we’ll cherish the spirit of family throughout . . .

I love you. and I mean it .

And I believe the biggest price we received was the prayers and blessings of them.

Dedicated to “ente priyapetta NSS kudumbangangal ” .

This part of the song summer of 69 (Bryan Adams) tells my mood now –

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya – I’d always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life


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Volunteering for NSS

Few weeks back , during my third semester on college , I decided to be a member of NSS – National Service Scheme . I don’t know why I gave my name when the teachers Continue reading

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A call for action…

Sometimes when I sit alone , I’d get carried away in the beauty around . Sometimes , when I’m supposed to do a work , the world around beckons my attention to them . I’m not an owner of a well trained mind , so I simply go behind them , leaving the task at hand behind. But I believe I need to change . I don’t know what is the inspiration behind it , but something inside me always whispers me to change . I haven’t focused on it yet , but now I think its the time to focus on that.  . Continue reading

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Not back to college, for second year…

VAM has gone back to college (as he has already told you), and he has limited internet access (the developing country we are) at and around his college, so he won’t be able to post regularly for some time ahead. But he’ll post occasionally, nevertheless and he’s also keeping a written journal to keep his ideas flowing and hopefully someday he’ll condense them (or not) and post them here, so that the nice people that follow us and read through the random madness we write can read it and enjoy. Well, that includes you, unless you’re either me, or VAM. Continue reading


Back to college, for second year . . .

The day seems gloomy , probably because I’ve got to go back to my college, for my second year. There are books , home works , assignments impositions etc on one side and friends , midnight chats , class jokes and so-on on other side. I’ve been home for a month , and I really loved being home .The air I breath was sweet and fresh , the fields I walked always magnificent , and my good old friends whom I forever trust , I loved every seconds spend here. And today I have to go back to the college hostel.

When I glimpse back at that one month vacation , I feel happy . It’s been one of the beautiful and creative vacations I’ve ever had . Early days were filled by handful reading , browsing the net , and arranging my stuff back to normal. I learned to drive at the nearby driving school , Had some good friends there . And I passed the license test too :) . I spent quality times with old friends and once went to my classmate’s home . I read my favorite blogs , and once again I got back to blogging . . . I never had this much fun with literature (be reading or writing ) before . I read some beautiful novels too :) And now the vacations are over , And I should go back to my hostel, today.

I hope there’d be beautiful moments there too, I wish I’d get more loving friends, wonderful opportunities, and above all ,another beautiful year at the college with teachers and friends. I’d keep writing , on a book – So I wont be publishing them like now , But They’ll be published whenever I get internet access . And I hope I’d discover wonderful things there . . .

How’s been your days when going back to college ? Please share :)