WTDH: Think, Dream, Hope

Thoughts expressed…

Vishnu A Moorthy


My name is Vishnu, I am an engineering student, doing automobile engineering, aspiring to be an automotive designer when I grow up. I started the habit of reading blogs when I was in high school, and my reading topics revolved around lifestyle blogs.

To be a bit more personal , I am almost 19 now , an I’m just like you – lots of bad habits along with some good habits ;) . I’m introverted , still I’d talk if I wanted to – It’s jus that I dont get head on with strangers ;) . I love riding bikes , and I’ve just started driving cars (and yeah I love them , so I chose for Automobile Engineering ) . I love soccer , and getting outdoors , especially at my hometown .

Apart from this site , I write a personal blog – here .

I experiment with my lifestyles a lot , to see which is most beautiful to stick to . So I started a new blog (Not this one) as a journal and then I fell in love with writing (Well , when I’m out of ideas , I drop out of it at times ). I wrote about the ideas that fascinated me and steps I took there . But after a little while I got help from my amazing friend (whom I believed won’t be willing to write, and now amazes me with his articles) on that blog . But the old name didn’t appeal well , so we started this new blog WTDH;Thoughts expressed. We started to write off what we liked, and now you’re reading our writings ;)

My hobbies includes drawing, reading (books too), photography, hanging out with friends, writing these articles and some others. I’d focus my writing on anything – even expect some photographs I took too ;)

Please let us know what you think of this blog and how we could improve it.

you can email me at : vishnu(dot)a(dot)moorthy(at)gmail(dot)com and;

reach me on twitter

here is my about.me page

Thanks for reading and have a good day!


Thoughts or comments ? Please share.

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