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Loving everything

Love is beyond words. Beyond expression. Beyond definition. It is independent of everything. Yet everything else depends on it. Love is the greatest of all forces. Love drives everything. From the tiny hummingbirds who search for food for their newborns to the massive elephants who feed their young before feeding themselves, love is the same. It is the only entity that stays the same on all levels. Irrespective of location, size, conditions, anything. It is the only thing that ever will.

The point of the whole world, all the time, was for everyone to love everyone else. No matter whether it’s the caterpillar or the blue whale, man or woman, child or grownup, life is all the same. Life is love. Learning to see the presence of a higher force, what some people call God, what others call by different names, and hence to treat everyone and everything as equal before yourself, is the ultimate need.

If everyone did that, the world would be an infinitely better place today, tomorrow, forever.


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5 reasons why you should control your wants

Everyone of us has always wanted something in life. It maybe that fancy silver bracelet you saw in the store yesterday, it maybe that cool electronic gadget everyone is talking about, or it maybe that antique vase that you’re sure can decorate your living room for a few decades. Continue reading

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Being in the headline of many lifestyle blogs and websites (including our blog), the word think must have some significance in lifestyle. True, it does. Thinking has been what made this world what it is. Thinking is what God (for the creationists) or Evolution [for the Charles Darwin supporter club (which includes me, of course)] has gifted mankind with. We are (as far as I know) the only living beings with the ability to think creatively and decisively, nurturing out feelings and simultaneously weighing the consequences of what is about to be done. Not weighing the consequences or turning a blind eye to them has caused turning mankind into a danger not only to themselves, but also the rest of the life on the planet, and yet we are sincerely trying to find life on other planets and to subsequently endanger that too. Continue reading

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Not back to college, for second year…

VAM has gone back to college (as he has already told you), and he has limited internet access (the developing country we are) at and around his college, so he won’t be able to post regularly for some time ahead. But he’ll post occasionally, nevertheless and he’s also keeping a written journal to keep his ideas flowing and hopefully someday he’ll condense them (or not) and post them here, so that the nice people that follow us and read through the random madness we write can read it and enjoy. Well, that includes you, unless you’re either me, or VAM. Continue reading

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Love yourself…

Being yourself is one thing. Loving yourself is another. True, you need to find who you really are and try to improve on that, instead of trying to be a person who others want you to be. But only if you love and respect who you really are will it work out well. Continue reading

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Dream more…

Dreaming is not an art. It is not exactly an ability either. It is said that each and everyone experiences about 1500 distinct dreams in every year. That is more than 4 dreams every night. But what do we remember about them? Blurry details, undefinable objects and unknown characters. The art and ability about dreaming comes in finding what they mean to tell us. Most dreams are our subconscious mind’s way of showing us new ideas or giving solutions to our real-life problems. Remembering dreams can help not only in relaxing our mind but other things such as sharpening our mental skills, increasing memory and generating new ideas and thoughts.

Dreaming, thus, can take us to heights we could only imagine if we put enough work into understanding what it is and finding ways to achieve what it says. Therefore, dream more, get more. I should probably say this at night, but I did not, anyway. Have a wonderful day.