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Harigovindan KN

Hi, I’m Hari, otherwise known as hgnmu128 or simply Hg. I live in India. My hobbies are reading, surfing the internet, casual gaming (I do own a powerful PC, but it is in no way a gaming rig), writing (mostly random nonsensical crap), programming, et cetera. I’m a person with a similar mindset as the admin (who can be called VAM for now) and I found out how much reading such things, things I would dismiss as garbage a year ago, interested me. Along with reading comes other creative abilities like thinking and writing.

I never thought I’d be writing in a blog until recently, when VAM asked me if I could write something on his. He didn’t ask for class or sense, so I thought I might as well do it (Why give the fun of spoiling a friend’s blog to someone else?). And after all the blog is for expression and relaxation, anyway. Therefore, think of pieces of my writings on this blog as tries towards expression, and remember every try does not bring success before commenting bad, but criticism is always welcome. It has always been a boon, and will always be.

Other things that interest me are computers in general, the Hacker Culture, Zen, minimalism (although I’ve still got a long way to go), Association football, occasional chatting, learning new things (like meters, grammar, etc. concerning languages, explanations of phenomenon: theories, hypotheses and the likes concerning science, engineering stuff, things about computers and so on) and watching the nature.

If you wish to contact me you can use email to get me at: hgn{dot}mu128(at)yahoo[dot]com
or if you use twitter, I’m at https://twitter.com/HgnMU128. :)

And sadly I still use a QWERTY keyboard, although I know how it compares to the Dvorak.


Thoughts or comments ? Please share.

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