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Saturdays and Sundays


My most favorite days , if Saturday is a holiday . Those are the days I can come back to my sweet home . If I knew saturday is holiday , I will rush to hostel after friday classes , without having tea , change my clothes in a hurry , Put all clothes I need to wash in my backpack along with 2 notes (If we’ve got homework) and rush back to an old KSRTC bus , which will be waiting for us at the bus stop ( I suppose it’s exclusively for SSET members , cause we wont find any one else inside it . . . ) . But it will wait there till the bus is filled up ( yeah really filled up – we won’t get space to breathe ) and then it drags slowly and slowly to Chalakkudy . . .

Then I chose either bus or train to come back home and I’d reach my heaven by 21.30 or 22  . And then I’d have my dinner , I use net for a while , and then I’d go to sleep . and then the saturday morning , I’d get up a bit late , take my breakfast and get out to hang out with my school mates . By evening I’d get back and spent time with my friends here . I live in a beautiful village , and we’ve got wide fields here , and We all would sit somewhere in there and just talk talk talk . It’s beautiful to spent the evening out there . we will see the beautiful sunsets , and there will be gentle breeze , especially during this season . there would be cattle grazing , and stokes and crows on the fields . We’d spent time there till it gets dark and I return back . Then I’ll have dinner and got to sleep . I don’t get time during sundays as I have to go back . I’ll have a deep sleep , and wake up probably by 7.30 or 8.00 . and the day is spent mainly indoors . . .

Anyways thats my best time during this college days , 2 days without books. I just love it . . . spending time outdoors , with friends and experiencing the sweet air of my hometown . . .


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2 months of college life , feeling better

It’s been 2 months since I moved to my college and hostel life . And things have changed . I’ve been adjusting with people , food and the schedule , and now the things have changed for better . . . But still , the major thing which excites me at my hostel stay is my home visit . Today for the 1st time I came home by train and it was awesome than by bus .

And as I said , I was focused on improving my conversation skills , and it just opened a door to another related area – body language ( I never expected such a turn anyway , but when I searched the internet , I was pulled to observing body language ) . I knew that the 1st thing to do was to observe and listen to others . So I just started noticing their body languages too . And the experience (so far ) is nice , I spare some of my interval time at isolation to watch people , and the rest of the time I would immerse myself with others . Anyways that’s the case in my communication skills . I saved a couple of pages in my mobile regarding tips to read body language , and I’m trying to improve in this area . . .

Now there’s few great things about the hostel life . It gives me a feeling of being more independent , more free and so on . I feel light , I can choose the way I live . Becoming more free , I feel just better , I feel I learn every moment , every mistakes are teachers . . . I strive to improve myself , focusing on my life , health relations and contributions. . . This life’s great . and if any mishaps or good things happen I’ll surely jot it down . . . Take care


Thanks , my dear friend . . .

As I said , I have to make changes in many areas of my life . So I just thought for a while on which area should I focus to . I dont want to focus on a bunch of aspects together , so that it will fade out at the start ( Believe me , that’s my experience ) . I couldnt actually figure out on which area I should focus on . . .

But yesterday night I had a call from one of my best friend (he’s really a nice guy , he’s just different from others) , We talked for 75 mins or so (I know it’s long , but I love to talk with my friends ) . He was talking regarding some new sites he’s found out , they were regarding the persuasion skills . The site was awesome , it had many topics regarding communicating , body language , mind reading etc , and I also joined a 10 day course (its free , they sent emails for those 10 days  )  . So I planned to focus on that area for this onth communication skills . I should mention that I aint much good in communication skills , so it would be a great area to focus on . (Thanks dude , the site’s awesome ) .

If you guys need the site , you may check it out



My college life

S.S.E.T. , Cochin ( Karukutty to be exact ) , There’s where I do my B.tech studies now  . My home’s about 130-150 Kms away from college ( I dont know the exact figure ) , so I live in the college hostel . It was a drastic change I had in life (till now . I’ve got only 18 yrs experience :) ) . I missed my home , I missed my ubuntu and my friends and parents . After a month its now all clear (but I still doubt I miss my ubuntu now  too) . Whatever it may be , It gives me an excellent opportunity to adjust – with the ambience , food , and most importantly , my friends .

But my life’s is messed up than before , it has become more and more busy. I started washing my clothes myself , after I moved to hostel (and that was the 1st thing I learned from college ) and it takes me on altogether 45 mins or so to finish washing . Then there are homeworks , assignments and loads to study . 1st year is common to all , so we have to study even Civil Engineering and sorts ,(I’m doing Automobile Engineering) I find it really hard adjusting with my college life. After completing all studies , I can sleep only by 12 or 12.30 . (I used to sleep by 9  during school days) My wake up time was shifted (autonomously) to 7 to 7.30 . But There are better teachers and the campus is a good one . . .And thats the case now .

I have to create time for all these things . If I’m able to do that , then it will be an excellent lesson in time management . And I can have numerous other opportunities too in college . I can resume jogging with friends , which would be even more better ( I jogged alone during school days ) , I can reduce snacking and improve my food choices and so on . I have to find them out . I haven’t yet obtained best friends till now , but I keep fairly well relations with my classmates and hostel-mates . And that’s how my college life is – pretty messed up but I have  better opportunities for improvement .

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My life , When I begin this blog

One word before I start . This is my first blog and a starting post ,and my vocabulary aint much wide  so please dont expect A class writings from me . But I’ll improve my writings in time :) .I needed a reference point in my life to compare it with my future lifestyle , so I thought it would be a good idea to keep notes of few aspects in my life .

These days my life’s pretty messed up , and off-course there are some plus points too . After starting my college life this year , my life was more busy than I was in my school days . I’m away from home , and I have more to take care of myself ( which off-course is a great experience in my life ) .

On my school days , I came across a productivity site . I read it once and I did some changes to be more productive . but they all faded out just like they started . I stopped reading it too . Those were the first changes I (tried to ) incorporate in my life . And as I said , they were failed , but I learned a fundamental thing from them , ie , I HAVE TO CHANGE . . .

Then one day while I was browsing , I came across Leo’s Zenhabits , which still is my most favorite blog  (and yeah , his blog had beautiful pictures those days , so I read it . ) but after a couple of months reading his essays , I read it continuously and I read his posts whenever I can . His idea was about simplifying and decluttering , which were a new world for me . I cleared my inbox and kept junks out of my room , and I follow those habits  even now . (those are some of the + points n my life I mentioned earlier )

But still I have to change a lot of things in my life . Exercise – One thing I miss these days . I used to run daily on my school days but I dont get time for jogging due to my works . I have to eliminate some useless time spend for jogging , and they allow jogging from   5.45 to 6.30 or so . Food – I have never focused on changing my food habits , and now I love eating baked items . I know I have to change , but I dont plan it in the near future .Finance – Another area which I should focus on . I do hate worrying about finances . I don’t keep track of the pocket money dad gives , and spending I do . And the list goes on , I believe .

And there are few achievements I’ve made . TV – Thats a great achievement for me . I dont watch movies and crap ads these days . We have a TV at hostel , but I keep away from it . At home too , I dont use it much . It was’t an easy change to make , though . . . Dressing – Hopefully , I aint much crazed in fashion and trends . I dont know why I am like that , but I never was addicted to brands and things like that . I now know its useless waste of money on brands . I also dont have a huge collection of dresses , my whole collection fits one rack of my dad’s shelf .

And there are areas i have to improve . So I just have to execute plans , to change my life , to a dream one . I want to lead a life , a simple one with lots of loving friends and relations , contributions , health , without pretenses and boasting .My life defined by my acts , and not my possessions. . . And if u guys feels the same , We should change and we CAN change .Let us hope for the best  and make our life a beautiful one . . .

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First post

My first blog page , started private , just to keep a journal of my lifestyle . At my 18 , my life is not so streamlined and recently I’ve moved to hostel , starting a whole new life . I keep few Podcasts of Steve Pavlina ,  I haven’t listened it all . . .

Anyways I’ve started this blog after reading a post via the mins and I thought it would be best to keep a personal journal of my life then . I plan to update this post whenever I’m back at home , as I cant access net from the hostel  . The college life is too busy, with assignments , homeworks and test papers and I’m finding ways to manage them all , cut out the excess , focusing on small changes as Leo said . Start small and enjoy the steps u take to change . . . Hope this blog helps and also in improving my writing skills ;)