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Humans , are we ?

Out of my loneliness , I thought a bit , and somehow , ended upon the human relationships and the cultures Continue reading


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Find the brighter sides . . .


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The day I wrote this was pretty messed up , I was in a bad mood , But that inspired me to write something about being positive – hoping this would help me recover from that bad day . Continue reading

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Why I fell in love with minimalism…

I mentioned my life was just revolving around  useless things before . And the blessing in my life was learning about this minimalism . Now please don’t mistake that I’m a hardcore minimalist . I’m not, and I don’t think I’d make one . It’s just that I’ve been applying some of the principles in my life , which made my life far more smoother now .

I’d like to list out some key points I loved about this concept , so that you can get a feel of it . You could try practicing them one by one, if it sounds great .

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