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As a family , forever . . .

That was a week like I’ve had never spent before . I do have enjoyed before . I do have experienced ecstasy , I do have spent loving times with lovable ones . . .

But the past week , it all came to me together , at our NSS camp . . .

I never knew people can be this close . . . I seriously feel someone is there to hold my hands when I fall , and yeah I’d gladly give mine to anyone in my family , if they do fall. . .

I’ve made mistakes throughout , but I’ve learned . . .

I’ve met people whose eyes fills with tears of happiness , when I place a piece of food in their mouth . And look at us , we spend lavishly on useless things , yet we end up unhappy. . .

And yeah , there’s a feeling of being safe when you have people with whom you can be yourself – and I’ve been lucky to have a bunch of family – my brothers and sisters , just like that .

The sharing we did with smallest pieces of whatever we had . . .

I won’t need to thank you , because we are a family , and I know you feel exactly like I do . Just promise me that we won’t split . promise me we won’t let any of our family members down . just Promise me that we’ll cherish the spirit of family throughout . . .

I love you. and I mean it .

And I believe the biggest price we received was the prayers and blessings of them.

Dedicated to “ente priyapetta NSS kudumbangangal ” .

This part of the song summer of 69 (Bryan Adams) tells my mood now –

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya – I’d always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life


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Loving everything

Love is beyond words. Beyond expression. Beyond definition. It is independent of everything. Yet everything else depends on it. Love is the greatest of all forces. Love drives everything. From the tiny hummingbirds who search for food for their newborns to the massive elephants who feed their young before feeding themselves, love is the same. It is the only entity that stays the same on all levels. Irrespective of location, size, conditions, anything. It is the only thing that ever will.

The point of the whole world, all the time, was for everyone to love everyone else. No matter whether it’s the caterpillar or the blue whale, man or woman, child or grownup, life is all the same. Life is love. Learning to see the presence of a higher force, what some people call God, what others call by different names, and hence to treat everyone and everything as equal before yourself, is the ultimate need.

If everyone did that, the world would be an infinitely better place today, tomorrow, forever.

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Why I fell in love with minimalism…

I mentioned my life was just revolving around  useless things before . And the blessing in my life was learning about this minimalism . Now please don’t mistake that I’m a hardcore minimalist . I’m not, and I don’t think I’d make one . It’s just that I’ve been applying some of the principles in my life , which made my life far more smoother now .

I’d like to list out some key points I loved about this concept , so that you can get a feel of it . You could try practicing them one by one, if it sounds great .

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Love life . . .

More than a year has passed since I’ve started the habit of reading blogs . There were amazing articles , writers & I got few wonderful friends since then . My reading was basically revolving around lifestyle blogs, and a beautiful summation of what I learned from them is- ” love, share, sustain & enjoy .

Love – Not only ur girlfriend or boyfriend , but everyone and everything . love your parents , love your friends , love the strangers . Be calm , composed when you talk . Radiate that positive emotions when you talk and stand.

..”Never ask for more if you only give less,..coz love is more than asking,..it is also giving”..

 Fall in love with the nature . Enjoy outdoor strolls , Sit on a river bank , walk in the rain maybe :) ,walk barefoot through the grass , watch the sunset . . . the list is endless .

Share – If you have plenty , share the resources . Don’t waste them , give them to those in need . . .

Sustain – I love this lines –

…”Walk , as if your feet is kissing the earth”… 

Leave less impression on earth , more impression on the minds :) . The medias are deciding how we should live – what we should consume – and we , trying to fuel others’ envy by buying whatever we don’t need. Think of it ,and realize. Buy what you need , use what you need , and remember the 3 Rs – Reduce , Reuse and Recycle .

Enjoy – After all , don’t let your life be monotonous . But I bet you don’t need to spend your dad’s money on a five-star hotel drinking , or buying out every latest tech gadget to ENJOY life. Maybe you can define your own happiness. I enjoy an evening stroll alone as much as I love an evening with friends.  Slow down a bit , enjoy without hurting our mother nature much , and soon you’ll learn how to be contempt :)

Thanks for reading friends :) If you have any thoughts or questions , please share in the comments . . .