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Humans , are we ?

Out of my loneliness , I thought a bit , and somehow , ended upon the human relationships and the cultures Continue reading


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growing up …


Sunrise (Photo credit: Diganta Talukdar)

The more we grow up , the better definitions we give to our lives , the more clarity it gains . Once I was a kid , when anyone asked what I wanted to be Continue reading

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Why I fell in love with minimalism…

I mentioned my life was just revolving around  useless things before . And the blessing in my life was learning about this minimalism . Now please don’t mistake that I’m a hardcore minimalist . I’m not, and I don’t think I’d make one . It’s just that I’ve been applying some of the principles in my life , which made my life far more smoother now .

I’d like to list out some key points I loved about this concept , so that you can get a feel of it . You could try practicing them one by one, if it sounds great .

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Give it a thought . . .

Click to visit the original postToday morning , I just took my word processor and began freewriting ,hoping any ideas will pop out in me. What I ended up is some beautiful material among the heap . I’d like to present it here , after editing . So please read on . . .Think of this . Maybe its raining out . If u are on route to a wedding , possibility is that you’d curse the rain for ruining your brand new clothes. If you’re having a romantic walk with your significant other , maybe the rain is something you’ll love. If you are in your home surfing , you wont probably care , after all . That’s it . The cases are the same rain is there, but look at your reactions :) So It is your mindset , that defines your happiness or sadness, not the scenarios .Know that happiness is a choice – You choose it. Now think of this – It’s sad, every child being born, is being conformed to a consumerist culture where medias define what to wear, how to appear, etc. due to our present conditions prevailing in our society.  I  strongly believe that great people are the ones with knowledge , humility , and with a strong mindset . They are optimistic, and they radiate a positive energy around . They don’t need a class 5 coat or a golden watch to feel strong . I believe that people who boasts of their possessions are the ones with less self-confidence. I believe you agree with me on that.

Think of this – Do you need a rolex watch for people to notice you ? And people surrounds you to check your brand new iphone ? Okay realize this – If you are interested in showing off your possessions , the people in your lives are not attracted to you , but your wealth . You cant expect them to help you if your resources depletes due to some mishaps . What I love is to love people , share my resources , and help them the best I can, so that I’d be remembered for doing something good, in their lives. There are children born who deserves these resources just like us, and you cannot consolidate them. You are surely going to die . What do we have in our world ? On one hand , handful of rich people owning more resources that’d suffice 5 coming generations  and people starving for one time’s food on the other hand . . .

If you have plenty , share them . If you just have what you need , don’t waste them . Like I said before , happiness comes from within . You can choose to be as happy when you travel by a bus , as that by when you come on your personal car . Depends on your mindset . You can choose to be happy when you live in a small , clutter-free apartment instead of a 5 storied mansion . Again depends on your mindset . So consume what you need and preserve the rest for coming generations ( Don’t think of your family alone , remember that all human beings belongs to one family). Share and let humanity thrive. Remember , the world is not yours- It is ours- belongs to everyone . . .