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Rise .

Take off

Just take some time , to evaluate your life – the life style , your priorities , your conversations . . . If they are all beautiful , and you feel satisfied , well , you’re really amazing and I honor you . If not , the life seems messed up , the days are stressed , then we need to change … Continue reading


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“to impress” to “to inspire”…


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Few days back , I came across a tweet – “ Funny fact about humans – they spend the money that they don’t have , on things they don’t need , to impress people whom they don’t like .” Continue reading

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Be yourself . . .

Don't be what people want you to be. Be yourse...

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Okay , If you follow me on twitter , you’d be used to this statement because I tweet it so often ;) . Okay whatever it may be , This is something we all refuse to do sometimes . I used to do that at times . . . But when we grow up , we begin to realize things ,don’t we ?

Okay Think of this , how many times have you admitted if you don’t know something ? How many excuses have you ‘invented’ to escape from something you are afraid of ? Okay and how many times you get an urge to stand out when your crush is nearby ?

This all points to one thing . We just wants to be some one else . I used to do the same . But now , I feel like it was utter foolishness to do .

Even if you gained anything by pretending to be someone else , can you claim it ? If you attract many people by hiding the real you , do you think they will remain forever ? Surely the answer is no.

Okay , I once updated my facebook status as ” If you guys want any change in me, what would be it? ” . Among many funny replies , one of my friends  commented –

“Just be yourself, the person you were born to be. Live your passion and inspire the world.”

It really got me hooked . It was really inspiring and got me thinking. She has a point there , right ? I realized that we don’t have to pretend to something we are not . We are not born to do that .So I decided to keep out of pretenses , let the world love me or loathe me for that , but just be myself . And I’d like to ask you to do the same . . . Just be yourself . Don’t stop expressing yourself , you’re unique , you’re born wonderful and you are born for a reason only you are capable to do. After all ,

“Remember that you are unique. If that is not fulfilled, then something wonderful has been lost.” – Martha Graham