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Eliminate the useless…

Dia's In A Field Of Daisies!

Dia’s In A Field Of Daisies! (Photo credit: Dia™)

Well I think you can guess what I meant from the very title itself, right ? Well we all have useless things in our lives – maybe among the things we do, maybe within the stuff we own, or maybe among the people we come across in our lives Continue reading


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“to impress” to “to inspire”…


Believe (Photo credit: uglyagnes)

Few days back , I came across a tweet – “ Funny fact about humans – they spend the money that they don’t have , on things they don’t need , to impress people whom they don’t like .” Continue reading


We shouldn’t fail before ourselves …

Summer time......

Summer time…… (Photo credit: Hina :-))

I have to admit that I’ve become too lazy (sadly) these days , not only that I seldom write now , but my lifestyle’s been the same . Swayed away from my beautiful lifestyle a bit . Maybe because I lack some inspiration Continue reading