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“to impress” to “to inspire”…


Believe (Photo credit: uglyagnes)

Few days back , I came across a tweet – “ Funny fact about humans – they spend the money that they don’t have , on things they don’t need , to impress people whom they don’t like .” Continue reading



We shouldn’t fail before ourselves …

Summer time......

Summer time…… (Photo credit: Hina :-))

I have to admit that I’ve become too lazy (sadly) these days , not only that I seldom write now , but my lifestyle’s been the same . Swayed away from my beautiful lifestyle a bit . Maybe because I lack some inspiration Continue reading


Restricting my Internet Access…

I’ve been recently thinking of restricting my internet access . It’s not because internet has been useless for me , but it’s because most of the time they are just mere distractions .

My most powerful enemy is Facebook , from which I have tried to escape twice but made me surrender before it again Continue reading

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A call for action…

Sometimes when I sit alone , I’d get carried away in the beauty around . Sometimes , when I’m supposed to do a work , the world around beckons my attention to them . I’m not an owner of a well trained mind , so I simply go behind them , leaving the task at hand behind. But I believe I need to change . I don’t know what is the inspiration behind it , but something inside me always whispers me to change . I haven’t focused on it yet , but now I think its the time to focus on that.  . Continue reading

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Plucking out the weeds . . .

I was a couch potato before few years, I never used to go out of home since we moved in to our new house. All I did was watch some TV or play some games on my computer. My life revolved around those two things those days. My mom used to say that to me. The problem was that it never gave me a thing. Let’s talk TV , those days I used to watch cartoons a lot. I grew up a bit more, I turned to movies. They entertained me, so I sat before it whole day. Is that what I wanted? I never did anything good. And playing computer games? They just gave me midnight fantasies of being a hero and nothing else. When I got access to internet, I just used to do Orkut , then Facebook , then Twitter. Those were the days I never want to go back to. All I did was just consuming, without giving anything back. Continue reading