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The choices


English: Pontypool Park Choices

English: Pontypool Park Choices (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Life as far as I know , is about the choices we’ve made in each and every points in our lives. Just like Robert Frost said , its just like roads diverging on and on , and each way leading onto way. The hard thing- it’s one way . once we make a choice, we can’t go back, but only look at the rear view mirror. Once, I feared while making choices- would they get me into paths so messed up? I worried.

But that was surely the worst thing to do.

“Life’s beauty is its unpredictability.”

The things which lie in front , are just unknown. What if a wrong choice was the road to another choice much better than the previous one? Never loose your faith and hope- because when we believe in something , nothing can stop from making it happen. And I believe we don’t already have destinies , but we make them. So maybe next time, let the choices be bold, straight from our heart and come what may .

”I don’t believe in taking right Decisions , I take Decisions and make them Right”- Adolf Hitler


Author: Vishnu

Inspired by simplicity, minimalist and zen ideologies. Lazy like you, young and free. Writing on what I feel , What I dream and What I am. Never felt like a writer, nor do I write fiction or poetry. It's just my thoughts penned down.

2 thoughts on “The choices

  1. “What if a wrong choice was the road to another choice much better than the previous one?” I like this one :)

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