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I’m not trying to teach you the way of living through this. Just sharing a different perspective  of living and life.

Art is something that has some kind of  value in our life.Or everything that are valuable to us is a piece of art……..

Art is a result of creative effort.So what happens if one become creative in living …………..then living becomes an art.

An art is a reflection of our inner soul ,our views,our way,our beliefs…………….and an artist takes much pain to perfect his or her art .

Every artists may not be able to master their art and succeed.But those are people who tried to attain perfection and quality in their doings.

Be an artist,who works on the art of living and who tries to attain quality and perfection in life and cherish other’s life too……….and eventually..

be the architect of your life.

This is just an introduction to my new work:‘THE ART OF LIVING’  which will be published as pieces of ideas.

Things which I like to share are very simple and short.

I’m inviting my other two companions(authors) of WTDH to add pieces of ideas in my work to adorn it.


So let me start with a nice one today,

Everyone in life, will have a master………..who will be a teacher or a guide or even a stranger.

You may have seen lot of teachers and guides in your life.But who do you consider as the true master (‘GURU’ in Upanishads)?

All human beings born in this world are ignorant in one way or other.Now you may think that you ain’t ignorant.That itself is an example of your ignorance. It’s ok and it’s fine because it’s human nature.

So the first thing is the remembrance of ignorance – that ”I am ignorant.” If you wish to enter the world of light, of wisdom, of true knowledge, you must be fully aware of your ignorance and remain constantly in search of where your ignorance lies. Wherever you find it, admit it at once, don’t linger even for a moment. And bow down at the feet of anyone who shows you your ignorance – he is your teacher, your master. And don’t try to prove that your ignorance is knowledge, as your mind will goad you to do. Your ego will say, ”Don’t believe in him.” Your ego will coax you to say, ”What are you talking about? I an ignorant person? Impossible!” This is how we are all perpetuating our ignorance. We all persist in protecting our own opinions and attitudes……….


You just wander like a child with an empty mind and who is ready to accept and understand anything.

Keep the cup empty, then it can be filled with new things and keeps the freshness all the time.Ignorance is like a shield which cover your mind and makes you feel that you are full of knowledge and all, but it actually makes you a hollow sphere.


I’m not going to extend my words on this topic anymore because I think you all got my point.

Life is better when somethings are taken care of……….

living will be an art when some truths are accepted………



Signing off






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