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The egos in our lives…

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I was talking of simple things . For instance , we’re walking on the road , and we find a girl or boy looking at us. Typically we’d initiate our “no smile mode” , we pass by , they’re gone…

I was wondering why people gets a ‘not good’ emotion when they find others interested in them . We all get it right ? I’ve always  had . For instance, when I find a girl staring at me , I’d turn my head , too .

So what if we changed a bit . What would happen if we gift a smile back ? I’ve never been confident in smiling back, but I guess it’s time to step out of the comfort zone . Maybe we’d get a wonderful friend . Maybe we’d be meeting someone with huge knowledge . Maybe you’d get to know someone , who can make you reach what you’re capable of . Or even , maybe you’d meet a perfect soul mate , who knows…

If we like someone , we don’t need to hide it – isn’t it ? But it’s funny that when we hate someone , we’re not afraid to tell it or even show it , but when we are in love , we’re afraid to tell it .

Maybe you’re a star . maybe you’ve lots of guys hanging around you . But that doesn’t mean they are not so good enough . Everyone is gifted . . . just like you are . So I guess we should try to ease up a little bit , let go of the feeling of we’re the best . Cuz everyone is . . .

So maybe next time when we get out on the streets , let’s loosen up a bit , relax and be ourselves . Maybe a smile is the most wonderful gift you can give to a stranger ( and I believe , to everyone else)…

Have a good day!


Author: Vishnu

discovering life, seeking the truth. learning to find the balance in life, learning to cherish tiny things, and at times swept away by the flow of life....

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