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A lesson from my past…


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Well , few years back , when I was at 7th grade I guess ( I don’t remember exactly) , I was not good at math . Actually then I had absolutely no idea what algebra was , and memorizing formulas and geometric theorems was always a nightmare those times . So I usually got poor grades at math those times , and to be frank , I dint really care those days . Anyways I passed the 7th grade , and was promoted to 8th .

And like anyone else , the new academic year was a fresh start , and I promised myself that I wont repeat my mistakes from last year ( Like I did at every new year ) . And the early stages was quite fresh , and I sat in class with focus from the inspirations from the air , as it was a new year . So I guess I had something in my head and in my first mid-term exam , for maths , I scored 46 out of 50 – means 92 %  . I was clearly amazed and I was real happy , confident (perhaps over-confident too ?) .

Days passed and then like all the previous years , motivation vanished to nowhere  . The classes came back alive with chit chats and jokes in class time . Still I guess I did a better attempt to listen to the class than the previous years . Few days later , the first terminal exams arrived .

But you know what , I was so confident about this maths . And the main reason was my previous score of 92 % , unlike the usual 40-60 range I used to get . That was quite dumb as I see it now . I played the day before math exam , and I remember my dad asking me whether I completed my studies or not . And my reply was “Don’t you worry about math . last time I got 92 %” .

The exams were over and no doubt, the paper was damn hard . Actually I dint even recollect of doing those questions from class . I did the best I could ( think I completed it in 45 mins or so ) . And when the result was out , undoubtedly , I failed . 36 out of 100  :(

But When I look back , I don’t feel it like a loss , but it was a wonderful lesson . It hurt then , but next exams , I managed to pass the rest of them . So I learned this –

“Never let yesterday’s success prevent you from attaining tomorrow’s success”

We all will be gifted with different talents , but if we don’t keep polishing them , they rust out . And overconfidence stabs you in the back . Just prepare for the things in life , and don’t take anything too easy ( and ofcourse , not too serious ) . The blind belief without actions is utter waste , so back up your believes with actions . Let this be it .


Thank you for reading and have a good day :)

Diwali wishes to you . . .


Author: Vishnu

discovering life, seeking the truth. learning to find the balance in life, learning to cherish tiny things, and at times swept away by the flow of life....

3 thoughts on “A lesson from my past…

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  2. inspiring… needed something like this badly.

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