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Believe (Photo credit: uglyagnes)

Few days back , I came across a tweet – “ Funny fact about humans – they spend the money that they don’t have , on things they don’t need , to impress people whom they don’t like .”

To be frank , I was quite embarrassed by this tweet . May be you too can relate to it . Anyway I then thought how very true it was .This trait (of impressing others) , as far as I could see , have been transferred through generations . And fairly dominant in most of us . Most of us would have had pretended of knowing things we don’t , buying gadgets or stuff we could barely afford , and so on . instances we became someone else , or hiding what we are , to impress them . And what we earn is attention , and envy from others ( which we yearn for the most) . And in the pursuit of attention & showing off , we get into real unwanted debts , we cheat others and so on , that we’d have a conscience that’d always remind us about the guilt of not being ourselves . In fact , We fear to be ourselves , because we fear what others might think .  We start pretending we are someone else and our lives become a lie . . .

But we never want our life to end up like a lie . Trust me , you never will . So we’ve to change and no time is late . We can start living the life. From now . Trusting in ourselves . Being what we were born to be . Being ourselves . Following our heart and not to impress others . If we don’t know something , we can admit it . If we don’t need something , we can refuse it . And if someone hates you for no apparent reason , cool then . we dont wake up in the morning to please someone else’s ass . And instead of yearning for envy from others , let us yearn for their love , and give love . be love . Let us choose to live to inspire others , to make them become what they are capable of , help them uplift , instead of trying to impress them with stuff and so on , being selfish . Believe in you, be love , spread smile and radiate positivity . Good day everyone!


Author: Vishnu

discovering life, seeking the truth. learning to find the balance in life, learning to cherish tiny things, and at times swept away by the flow of life....

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