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Humans , are we ?


Out of my loneliness , I thought a bit , and somehow , ended upon the human relationships and the cultures  . Well it’s always been like that . I start of thinking about something at a point and reach somewhere completely unrelated .

Well anyways , A question I got then was  “How could we be called humans , cause the word humanity is something entirely different from what we do” .

Bear with me for a while . think through …

The world have been at war . There are civil wars on the loose . We may think we are not responsible , but think of our day to day lives – In most things we do . May be you can relate to some of these – We try to rush , we try to be the first , we want to overtake anyone on the way , we envy others if they do something wonderful , we want others to envy us . . .

Needless to say , its a sort of shit we live in . We want to overtake anyone on our way and be the first . We want the latest gadgets and luxury apparels , just for others to look at us . We laugh at those who live with less standards than us . We say we are humans but we lack humanity within us . Its a world of selfishness and has been a mess . We were given the ability to think , and what we do ? Find out reasons to be happy , be more happy , even more happy  and greedily  more and more happy . We don’t care what our impacts are on the world . We don’t care about the happiness of others around us ( maybe with exceptions of “our” family members) . We just think of us . That’s been the mess .

The society has been wonderfully deceiving us by giving more importance to money and stuff , instead of people and relations . (Truly , I had wished to be born on the medieval period , where the communities lived in much more harmony. )

But for what ? We all are gonna leave the stuff here after we die anyway . And the best happiness is obtained from selfless help to others.  We gain nothing by gaining other’s envy , rather we gain more headache of maintaining those stuff . Our life is what we train ourselves to be from life . We are our only possessions . And the wealth is love . not money , not power (surely we need them to survive , but we greedily yearn for more . ) What’s the use ?

We have been gifted with a wonderful life filled with opportunities,  why not help the ones beside us to uplift?

“Life is about giving other people inspiration to do whatever they want to do well.” – Trisha Mason

So wherever we are , let’s be a good . Let’s spread the spirit of humanity – help the ones in need , reduce the toll on the mother nature , use just what we need and inspire others , along with following our passion . . .

When you are giving love, you are beautiful. ~ Dr. Bernie Siegel


Author: Vishnu

discovering life, seeking the truth. learning to find the balance in life, learning to cherish tiny things, and at times swept away by the flow of life....

2 thoughts on “Humans , are we ?

  1. greed is a debatable mechanism on what makes the world work

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