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We shouldn’t fail before ourselves …


Summer time......

Summer time…… (Photo credit: Hina :-))

I have to admit that I’ve become too lazy (sadly) these days , not only that I seldom write now , but my lifestyle’s been the same . Swayed away from my beautiful lifestyle a bit . Maybe because I lack some inspiration , but I feel a bit down now . So I came back here , created a new post , and started writing these off , hoping it would inspire me within . It’s been like that , writing , has been the most inspiring hobby for me that motivates minimalist lifestyle . . .

Anyway , I think you know how I feel – maybe you’ve been there . getting real inspired by an idea , running behind it for a long time , and after some days , everything is vanished . inspirations? gone . Is that because that’s not for us ? I guess it’s not . It certainly can’t be because think of those early days , when you couldn’t stop taking actions for that beautiful dream , always a surges of motivation within us – and with that intense desire at those times , can we just let it go ? We can’t , and I certainly won’t . Because I know how beneficial it (minimalism) can be , though it requires a bit of sacrifice . And maybe that’s your case too . you’d know how beautiful your change can be , yet we are repelled due to our laziness . We know how beautiful it is , but we won’t take a step forth . We fall before something within us . We fail before ourselves .

One thing I know is that it come and go , till we really get a momentum . same has been the case of my inspiration . it just rises and falls . I shouldn’t care much about it so . Let it come or go or not come at all , Let’s take one step , small , easy , baby step towards our goal .

So what’s the missing thing now ? It’s action . You see, where laziness is , there’s lack of what we practice , what inspires us . Maybe we could ‘warm up’ a bit , like by reading some articles related , by asking emotional support from best friends or lover ,or anything else you can think of .

Let’s stop giving up because of laziness, and just take a step more to our goal . today , let’s take one step close . tomorrow , another , and so on . Till we get the momentum . We are not gonna fail , because we can’t fail to ourselves .


Author: Vishnu

discovering life, seeking the truth. learning to find the balance in life, learning to cherish tiny things, and at times swept away by the flow of life....

7 thoughts on “We shouldn’t fail before ourselves …

  1. This makes a lot of sense. We need direction in our lives and set daily goals to not fail ourselves. Nice post. ;)

  2. i can truly relate to this post…there are so many things in life i want to do but after failing, thinking about the failure and then finally inspiring myself back to work, i give up again and its not that i dont want to succeed.i do but i just give up easily. and i get distracted easily. i think about doing something, but that,s it..no action.
    after reading this post i thought about myself, and how i am again going to fail myself because of this laziness. can you give me a solution to it?

    • I get it . . . Yet i don’t think i an in a position to advice , still i can tell you that you have the will , why give up ? Taking baby steps are too easy :) and may be you’d like to read some clois like positivityblog.com or zenhabits.net or themins.com . They inspire me the most , or you could google it . But above all , believe in your potential . Good luck sis and thanks for dropping by .

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