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Dreaming is not an art. It is not exactly an ability either. It is said that each and everyone experiences about 1500 distinct dreams in every year. That is more than 4 dreams every night. But what do we remember about them? Blurry details, undefinable objects and unknown characters. The art and ability about dreaming comes in finding what they mean to tell us. Most dreams are our subconscious mind’s way of showing us new ideas or giving solutions to our real-life problems. Remembering dreams can help not only in relaxing our mind but other things such as sharpening our mental skills, increasing memory and generating new ideas and thoughts.

Dreaming, thus, can take us to heights we could only imagine if we put enough work into understanding what it is and finding ways to achieve what it says. Therefore, dream more, get more. I should probably say this at night, but I did not, anyway. Have a wonderful day.


Author: Hg

Loves reading, writing, computers, and recently blogging too.

One thought on “Dream more…

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